Elder Care Advocacy Services, Inc.


Who Needs A Care Manager?

Rose’s story:

Rose’s financial planner had known her for many years and suggested she hire Barbara to be her agent under a power of attorney and care manager.  Rose was an eighty-year-old retired RN with several medical conditions who had no family or trusted friend to assist her with care.  As POA, Barbara met with Rose and assisted her in paying bills and made sure she had an advanced directive so her wishes were known if she were to become unable to make health care decisions.  Rose was living in her home of over forty years and wanted to move to an assisted living facility but had no idea how to begin her search.  Barbara arranged visits and helped Rose identify where she wanted to move, and also connected Rose to a realtor who was able to sell her house.  Barbara and Rose would meet every several weeks and had established a good relationship so when Rose’s health declined, Barbara was able to meet with Rose’s doctors and ensure her wishes were made known and followed.